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Premium Beauty Ice Cube Capsule - Skin Tightening Lifting Pore Shrinking Swell Reducing Contouring Face Ice


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Use for a life time - best kept beauty secret for face and body

♣Tighten the skin Relieves sensitive skin
♣Tighten and shrink pores
♣Eliminate eye puffiness
♣Reduce inflammation
♣Cure acne breakthrough
♣Brighten skin tone
♣Promote blood circulation
♣Suitable for all skin types

Also proven to help with anxiety

  • 💠 REVEAL A BRIGHTER AND HEALTHIER COMPLEXION - Restore your skin’s natural radiance and elasticity by performing your own relaxing cryo facial at home. This revolutionary skincare tool is the perfect addition to any beauty regimen as it is suitable for all skin types.
  • 💠 TAKE YOUR ICE FACIALS TO THE NEXT LEVEL - customize recipes to target your skincare needs. Try rose water to tighten pores, green tea for inflammation, cucumber water for de-puffing, coconut milk for anti-aging, Aloe vera for acne-prone skin and sunburns, lemon water for brightening the complexion.
  • 💠 VERSATILE -This incredible versatile massaging tool can target many skincare needs all in one use. While it can contour and sculpt the face, shrink pores, de-puff eyes, prevent wrinkles, the cooling massage can also be used to relieve headaches, muscle tension or pain from injury and calm skin irritation
  • 💠 REUSABLE AND MADE FROM PREMIUM MATERIALS - Our ice facial cube is made from 100% silicone so you can rest assure that it is safe to use, durable and environmentally friendly.


❥【Reduce acne】First of all, This face roller is made by ice,it can reduce the occurrence of acne. Acne is formed by the skin's new metabolism being too slow to produce oil. Applying ice to the face can effectively improve your skin problem.
❥【Reduce redness】Secondly, applying face roller with ice on the face can reduce the length of red blood streaks, and stick to applying ice roller on your face to reduce the production of red blood streaks.
❥【Remove fine lines】Another benefit of applying face roller with ice on the face is to remove fine lines. If there are fine lines on your face, applying ice roller on the face will quickly restore smooth, white and tender skin.
❥【Other function】This face massager irritates the skin, shrinks pores, and can effectively treat enlarged pores.It can also lubricate the skin, making it more elastic and contractile.In summer, it can lower the temperature of the sun-exposed skin, which is beneficial to the skin. Ice roller have the effect of constricting pores, calming the skin, and also effectively promoting blood circulation in the face.
❥【Perfect gift by Food grade silicone material】This ice face roller is made by silicone material by,safety and durability.Also, the silicone skin care tools is food-grade, BPA free and non-toxic, safe to use it even for a baby.

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