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Nail Fungus Treatment | Healthy Nails Herbal Nail Treatment


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Chinese 100% Natural Herbal Treatment

Description: Ringworm of the nails is also called a moss, toenail infectious disease caused by a fungus, generally 1-2 a nail from the onset, onset of deck will lose luster, gray or dirty yellow, some will appear brown, gray brown or dark brown, and decks will be thickened, brittle, layer, bad broken and incomplete, a margin may vary, the disease may also be accompanied by a ditch inflammation.

Distinctive features of these products are:

Without a contusion, a cut, a bandage, unplug, simple in the nail, the nail bed can apply.

Biological agents, Chinese herbal ingredients, no stimulation, no pain, no side effects.

Symptoms disappeared after continue to use for 15 days, a thorough farewell to gray nail trouble.


The use of biological technology, including ERF (collagen), Oxymatrine, vitamin E, azelaic acid, eugenol and other Chinese herbal medicine

How to use:

Evenly rubbed on the surface and the edge of the nail bed nail skin, dry, 2 times a day.